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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bones Under Water in 5.18

A fine aquarium story in Bones 5.18, which begins with a fish coughing up a skull - of the human variety.

Aquaria are usually peaceful, tranquil, soothing, even softly cosmic places.  The very name suggests something deep and nice, and the sight is even better.  So what's a skull and a skeleton soon discovered doing here?

There's poison fish and a charlatan and anger involved, but the better story, as always for me, is what's happening with our major characters against the peaceful but troubled waters under glass.

Jack and Angela find those waters romantic.  Standing in front of the live feed Angela has set up of the suspect aquarium draws them closer together.  Good.

No such luck for Bones and Booth, of course not.  Indeed, for pretty much the first time in the series, the two are branching out with others, at exactly the same time.   Bones goes out for coffee with Booth's boss Andrew - she says no to seeing a play with him, because that's "code for sex".   He makes her laugh.  Booth goes out with a smart beauty from an oceanic agency - Dr. Catherine Bryar, a marine biologist, or something like that - and it's clear that he had a good time, too.   (Rena Sofer has played a possible love interested for Jack Bauer on 24 - the sister-in-law of Jack's late brother - and currently an even more possible love interest for Gibbs on NCIS.)

But Bones and Booth meet for their customary end-of-episode quasi-date - in this case, a date to discuss their respective dates - and thus their relationship continues in the strange state of attraction that is the attraction of Bones.

The two are like two fish of water, and someday, maybe, they'll jump right in.

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