Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost 6.11: The Reunion of Two Realities Begins

Well, this is the Lost we've been waiting for - 6.11 - in which the better LA alternate reality and the original ongoing island reality finally begin coming together. I thought this would happen when I was watching the first episode of this final season. And when I saw Desmond on that non-crashed plane, I figured he would be the catalyst for the unification of what the H-bomb on the island had ripped into two.

In better LA alternate reality, Desmond runs into Hurley, Claire, Minkowski (!), Widmore (whom Desmond works for, as Widmore's right-hand man), Charlie, Jack, Eloise (who is Widmore's wife), Daniel, and (of course) Penny - a veritable feast of intersecting characters, and, this time, finally, with profound, decisive significance for the unfolding story. These intersections, which I've been talking about for years, have finally moved from hit-and-runs to crucial pieces of the narrative.

Just about every intersection propels the deeper, over-all story, and starts to sew the two realities back together. The most significant: Widmore asks Desmond to get Charlie out of jail, and get him to the Drive Shaft concert which his wife (Eloise) is organizing (their son wants Drive Shaft to back him: he's a classical musician with a taste for rock). It was great to hear "You All Everybody" playing on the car radio. But Charlie reveals something even more significant: when he propels the car that Desmond is driving into the water, where Charlie almost drowns, Desmond sees "Not Penny's Boat" on Charlie's hand pressed against the glass. Thus begins the leakage and therefore what I think will be the eventual re-merging of the two realities.

Desmond doesn't know who Penny is, but feels something for her (this is a bit of a stretch - if he's working for Widmore, Desmond would likely have known the name of Widmore's daughter). Charlie tells Desmond about what Charlie felt on the plane, when he almost od'd - he caught a glimpse of Claire, and felt real love for her.

Desmond has already run briefly into Jack, in the hospital where Charlie was taken after the near drowning. Nothing more on Jack and Desmond in this episode, but bear in mind that Jack and Desmond ran into each other on the steps of the stadium in LA, at the beginning of Season 2. The stadium will play a role at the end of this episode, though.

But first, after Charlie refuses to play at the concert, and Desmond breaks the news to Widmore, Desmond's directed by Widmore to break the news to his wife. She's Eloise. Eloise Widmore (in the LA reality) = Eloise Hawking in original island reality. But in both realities they are the parents of Daniel (Widmore here, Faraday in original reality). When Desmond asks Eloise about Penny, she refuses to say anything about her, but indicates that Desmond is at the beginning of something very big and important (pretty much the same role she has in original reality).

It is left for Daniel - the musician, Widmore and Eloise's son - to tell Desmond and us what's really going on. Daniel got a glimpse of a beautiful woman with piercing blue eyes, and instantly loved her (Charlotte). That night, Daniel scribbled down some complex equations - only a quantum physicist could understand. But he's a musician in this reality, not a physicist (though the two have always been related - cf., the music of the spheres). But genius that Daniel is, he's realized that better LA reality is not the real reality, or the way it was meant to be, but was created by an H-bomb. Daniel also tells Desmond where to find Penny - Daniel's half sister.

That would be on the steps of the same stadium where Desmond ran into Jack. Now he sees Penny running up and down the steps. The two meet and (hey, wait a minute, maybe Desmond is the real reason Olivia left Mark Benford - sorry, only kidding - though, you never know). But in better LA reality, Desmond's finally with Penny - even though he's found out via Daniel that this reality was not meant to be.

Back in island reality, Desmond in Widmore's keeping is bombarded with some kind of electro-magnetic business. He's unconscious for just a few seconds, but during this time experiences the whole story above in better LA (a nice parallel to "The Constant"). He now knows why he's been brought back to the island - to help sew the two realities together, helping with the island half.

And back in LA, to help with the LA half, Desmond knows what he must do - get the word out - what Charlie and Daniel told him - to all or some of the passengers on the non-crashed 815. (I wonder if somehow that has some connection to why Desmond ran into Jack on the stadium steps in Season 2.)

So it's finally happening. And, as always, still leaving some great questions. For example, would Daniel really want to bring back the original reality, in which he and Charlotte are dead? Will Jack and Kate feel that instant already-deeply in love feeling, when they meet in better LA? Or will that be for Kate and Sawyer - or maybe Kate will feel it for both Jack and Sawyer?

Some good things would undeniably happen with the two realities collapsed back together - faux Locke might well cease to exist.

More soon...

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