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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bones 5.17: The Deadly Stars

A primo, top-notch episode of Bones 5.17, just teeming with great lines - including Bones comparing her high school alma mater to the KBG - but the best was Bones saying "we have intercourse every chance we get".

This to "Bobby Kent,"  aka Booth, who has escorted Bones as her husband to her high school reunion, in pursuit of a killer who may be Freddy Krueger, that is, a character played by Robert Englund, who is a creepy shop teacher at the school.    As a married couple, Bones and Booth almost dance close together,  and sleep in separate rooms, but it's a great episode anyway.

Bones has complete faith in her shop teacher, so that should tell us Englund is innocent, as indeed he is.  The murder weapon turns out to be stars on a table, that will hang off the ceiling, for the reunion dance (hence my title).  The case is solved via Bones' customary brilliance, this time working with the team via video link.

Lots of good stuff going on at the Jeffersonian, speaking of the team.   I've been aggravated ever since Angela and Jack broke up, and tonight they went a long way towards getting back together.   Wendell tells Angela he wants her to know he would have done "the right thing" and even married her, if that's what she wanted, and had been pregnant and wanted the baby.  Angela, understandably, would rather have a guy who wanted to marry her because he was madly in love her.   She's finally getting in touch with the fact that that would be Jack, and how much that means to her.

Looks like both Booth and Bones will be tempted by others next week.   The course of their true love is far less smooth than even Angela and Jack's ...

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