Monday, April 12, 2010

24 8.17: The Agent's Burden

A thoroughly brilliant, deeply satisfying, really infuriating episode 8.17 of 24, in which they're pulling out all the stops in the final season.   Where to start -
  • Chloe's now temp head of CTU.   Hastings was replaced, because he was the one who brought the treacherous Dana into the team.  I liked Hastings, but moving him out made sense.  And it's 100% great to see Chloe in charge.   She may be the best CTU head ever - or, at least as good as Buchanan.
  • Charles Logan (24's Richard Nixon) is back in action.   Allison Taylor needs him to help get the Russians to back the peace plan.   The two had a superb scene together, in which no holds were barred, including Taylor reminding Logan that he helped cover up the assassins of David Palmer.  Logan and Talyor talking about Palmer - caviar for 24 fans!
  • Jack and Renee kiss and make sweet love.   At last!   I've thought since last year that the two were right for each other.  But-
All of the above were supremely satisfying.   But here's where the immensely frustrating comes in.  Jack and Renee are barely out of each other's arms, when she's seriously wounded by a sniper.  Jack rushes her to the closest hospital, but she's lost too much blood, too much damage, you know the drill.  She's gone.

Why can't Jack ever get a break?  Isn't he entitled to some happiness, a little normal human emotion, every once in a while?

Apparently not.  And though my first response was to be furious at 24, I realized that this is what must happen to people like Jack Bauer - people like James Bond.   They can't be allowed to be happy, to be with the women they love, lest they lose their killer edge and instinct.   They need to suffer for their essential, deadly profession.

Given that this is the final season of 24 - boos again to Fox for letting the show go - Jack might have been given a little happiness.   But there's always the movie.     For the story of 24, of Jack Bauer, to continue  - I liked the way that Russian killer said Bauer's name when he was in the cab - he's got to be tough not only in body but soul.

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