Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost 6.12: Libby and Hurley and Cross-Reality Communication

A fabulous Lost 6.12, that ... well, let's begin at the punch-in-the-stomach double ending.

On the island, faux-Locke leads Desmond to the well (at the bottom of which is presumably machinery which can teleport people to Tunesia).   F-Lock explains that the well is very old - much older, I'd assume, than Richard - and was built by people exploring strange electro-magnetic properties.   This, f-Locke explains, is the power that Widmore seeks (I believe f-Locke).  Makes sense, anyone in their right mind would seek such power.  And then- f-Locke throws Desmond down the well.  Presumably to his death (but we see Desmond has survived in the coming attractions).

Back in alternate-reality better LA, Desmond drives up to Ben and Locke's school (nice intersection of characters), and smashes, deliberately, right into Locke in his wheel chair, right before better Ben's horrified eyes.

Why?  I would say this is another prime example of cross-reality communication, again in Desmond.   His LA version was aware of what f-Locke did to Desmond on the island, so Desmond's LA version reciprocated and did as much damage as he could to LA Locke.

I thought, before the coming attractions, that this was the beginning of a winnowing of the characters - the death of at least one version of a major character, in one of the realities, so that when the merge takes place, there will only be one of each character (not two) in the unified reality.  But if Desmond is still alive in the well on the island, something a little else may be going on.

Libby is, of course, already dead in our island reality - murdered along with Ana Lucia by Michael.  Libby's story with Hurley is one of the most fascinating, and, I've always thought, significant, in the series.   They meet on the island and begin to fall in love.   But they've met previously, in flashbacks which show them both patients in a mental hospital.  This prime of prime inexplicable coincidences - which I've long said hold the keys to what's really going on in Lost - may have been the first clear example of cross-reality communication.

Tonight, LA Libby - like Charlie and like Desmond last week - has prior knowledge of LA Hurley.  LA Libby remembers what she shared with Hurley on the island.  Hurley at first does not (just as Desmond last week had no recollection of Charlie).  But after they kiss - apparently as powerful a moment for Hurley as almost drowning was for Desmond and almost-od'ing was for Charlie - Hurley starts to recall his time with Libby on the island.   Desmond, who encouraged Hurley to see more of Libby after she and Hurley met in a restaurant, looks on with approval.   A third cross-reality has been activated.

Approval - nothing but approval from me for this great episode, and eagerness for next week and more.

And PS - Great seeing better LA Marvin Candle, introducing Hurley for an award!   Another intersection!

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