Thursday, April 22, 2010

V 1.8: Is Lisa Becoming 5th Column?

The most significant story in V 1.8 concerns beautiful Lisa - daughter of Anna, and, before the episode is over, lover of Tyler.

She fails the Visitor empathy test - meaning, she's displaying the rudiments of human emotion. Unlike her mother, Lisa may have a heart. As we saw last week with Ryan, this could be the beginning of a conversion from loyal-to-Anna Visitor to V 5th columnist.

The V-doc who tells Lisa she failed the test is, of course, a 5th columnist himself. This raises the possibility that he's lying to Lisa, for the purpose of manipulating her into working against her mother, or who knows what else. But I don't think he's lying.

Lots of good action in this episode, including Father Jack shooting a human who's working with the Visitors, and two love scenes. One is between Chad and Anna, but it's in his dream. The other is between Lisa and Tyler - that's real.

Memo to FlashForward - you could use more scenes like those. One of the great strengths of V, in both its original 1980s and current renditions, is its non-abstract, visceral appeal.

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