Friday, April 9, 2010

Fringe 2.17: Will Olivia Tell Peter?

That's what the new, excellent episode of Fringe - 2.17 - was mostly about:  will Olivia tell Peter that he is from the other reality?   Olivia knows this because of the shimmer she saw around Peter in 2.15, and the great, presumably true story Walter told her about Peter last week, in 2.16.   Knowing all of this, and feeling bad about withholding such crucial information from someone she cares about, Olivia tells Walter she will soon tell Peter the truth.  Walter pleads for a little more time to get his thoughts in order about this.   Olivia reluctantly agrees.

But she decides in the end not to tell Peter.   She has had several conversations with the guy in the bowling alley, a guru of relations between the two worlds.  More important, Olivia goes to see Nina Sharp, who knows the truth about Walter and Peter.   And Nina talks Olivia out of her intention to tell all to Peter.

Yet, when Olivia tells Walter she's decided not reveal Peter's true identity to Peter, Walter says he thinks it's long since time that Peter is told the truth.

So, what starts as a story about Olivia ends as a story about Walter, more particularly his growth as a human being, his coming back to full life, which is the story of so much of Fringe.   And it's a good, riveting story indeed.

Meanwhile, the proximate story in Fringe 2.17 is pretty good, too - cancer that can be spread by just a touch, involving people who were kids experimented upon by Bell.   This includes Olivia, and there's a strong scene between her and the infector.

Fringe continues, in its past few episodes, to be top-notch, intelligent, science fiction - a blend of Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchchock Presents, animated by a powerful, ongoing story.

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