Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lost 6.13: Make Up, Break Up, Everything Is Shake Up

A wild and woolly Lost 6.13 tonight, in which the Mama's and Papa's Creeque Alley lyric - "make up, break up, everything is shake up" - came true for most of our characters.

Let's start on the island.   Sawyer wants to go with Kate, Hurley, Sun, and Lapidus on a boat - Locke's boat (which was the one that Libby gave to Des, which he used to get to the island many years ago) - to a place where they all can leave the island, once and for all.   Sayid's not included - he's a "zombie," according to Sawyer.  Neither is Claire - "she's crazy".  But before the day is over, Claire's on the boat and Jack is back on the island - or, exactly where faux-Locke wants him.   Locke also wanted Sayid to finish off Des in the well - but we see no evidence of that, and I'd say Des is alive and well somewhere. (Maybe Des was able to tell Sayid something about Nadja in better LA alternate reality.)

Also on the island, Sun and Jin are finally reunited - though, at the end of the episode, they and all of the above (except Jack, f-Locke, and Sayid), are under the guns of Widmore's people.

Back in better alternate reality LA, we have the following network-like, growing number of intersections: Sun (shot several episodes ago) recognizes Locke (hit by Desmond in the last hour) as they're brought into the hospital on stretchers at the same time.   The intensity of the experience makes Sun recall her knowing Locke from her life in island reality.    Hold that thought of Sun for a few seconds.

Also in better alternate LA reality, officer Sawyer is enjoying his questioning of Kate.  He and partner Miles go off to nab Sayid - for the Keamy et al shootings - which they do.   (Sayid says goodbye Nadja - at least she's alive and well.)    Meanwhile, Des intercepts Claire before she sees the adoption agency, and steers her to his lawyer's office - the lawyer being Elana.   Turns out this is actually a meeting to read Christian's will, so Jack shows up, too.  But-

He's called away, back to the hospital, to operate on Locke, the sight of whom may or may not put Jack back in touch with his island reality.   But something else is clear:  Sun and the baby will be ok, and Jin tells her that he'll never leave her.

This will have to suffice for the happy ending of this episode.  Interestingly, life is pretty good right now for Sun and Jin in both realities - they're finally together, in both - though being in the cross-hairs of Widmore's guns on the island can't be that much fun.

Whew!   Faux-Locke on the island also tells Jack that the Christian which Jack saw in his stay on the island was indeed the MIB.

Four more episodes, and the relationships are almost as volatile as the day this season started.

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