Thursday, April 29, 2010

FlashForward 1.18: Triple Forks

Another superb FlashForward tonight - episode 1.18 - which makes at least two in a row.   And we had two important stories unfold tonight in crucial ways:

1.  The truth about Janis:  I had trouble believing she was a bad guy, a spy for the late Flosso group, for whatever nefarious purposes.   But that's what she told Simon, and it sure looked that way for most of tonight, as we see Janis recruited by Annabeth Gish (Eileen Caffee from Brotherhood) and reporting to her tough handler at a tropical fish store.  Janis even tries to steal a crucial document from Mark's wall. But-  It turns out Janis is not a double agent (an FBI agent working for some mysterious, evil group) but a triple agent!   Vogel recruited her before she was recruited by Annabeth.   And Vogel's mission for Janis was to allow herself to be recruited to spy on the FBI by whatever evil organization!   Nice twist!

I'm still not clear, though, who gunned her down in Washington.   Flosso's group had no reason - based on what we saw tonight, they still thought they had Janis in their control.   Maybe someone in the group had a flashforward which showed the truth about Janis?

Meanwhile, this other crucial, surprising story played out tonight:

2. Gabriel and Olivia: We first saw Gabriel last week.  Tonight he shows up at Olivia's door, with knowledge of her future - not from the general flashforward date - and convictions about what should be and should have been in Olivia's life.   His knowledge of just a little bit into the future, when Olivia could have been killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time at a car crash on a corner, not only turns out to be accurate, but saves Olivia's life.  Had Gabriel not delayed Olivia with his visit to her home, she would have been on that corner.   Gabriel's other knowledge is also relevant:  he's seen Lloyd as Olivia's true love throughout her life.   The relationship began when Olivia was a student a Harvard - which she decided not to be, in our reality.   Gabriel knows about this "fork" in the road of history because he has had multiple, individual flashfowards.   Turns out that Frost was running a center for savants with photographic memories, and sending them on little individual flashforwards (much like Bell and the children which included another Olivia, in Fringe).

The import of Gabriel's visions seems to be that she has been on the wrong track ever since not going to Harvard.  Further, she needs to make a course correction right now, lest things get much worse.

Good, deep, tantalizing stuff indeed, as FlashForward proceeds...

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