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Friday, April 9, 2010

FlashForward 1.15: Who's That Lady?

FlashForward 1.15 revolved around the hunt for the mole at FBI headquarters in LA.   The mole has tipped off objects of FBI missions - most recently, in Somalia last week - and resulted in death and injury to FBI personnel.   The most egregious were in Somalia and in Washington, where our FBI team was ambushed.

After first confirming what I thought was the case last week - that D. Gibbons aka Frost can flashforward to pinpoint specified times, and that's how he knew about Simon's designs, was able to talk to Demetri in 2010 from 1991, etc. - the story gets down to ID'ing the mole.

The suspects are all FBI agents, of course, including people we know and we don't know.   I was disappointed that the mole turned out to be someone we don't know - a woman agent - but then-

In a bold move and a great twist, Janis - who we do know, very well, she saw herself getting a sonogram in the future - captures the mole, who has killed a bunch of our agents in her attempted escape.  We then discover, via Janis' conversation with Simon, that she too, is a mole.   And, as Simon realizes, what better way to maintain your cover than to nab the other mole in the outfit.

This was a daring move indeed.  Janis is one of the most popular characters in the series, and making her a villain, apparently reporting to the same nefarious organization that the late Ricky Jay character was fronting, makes life at FBI headquarters much more dangerous.

It also raises at least one question:  If Janis is working for the bad guys, who almost killed her back in Washington?   Another group of bad guys?

Meanwhile, on the inevitable future/avoidable future front, we have another apparently avoidable future - or people moving along on that path.   Bryce kisses Nicole - we saw that coming - and Keiko, almost crossing paths with Bryce in LA, seems to be really liking some other guy.   There's still time for the Bryce-Keiko flashforward to come true, but I like this double diversion.

As I continue to enjoy the show.

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1 comment:

TheLooper said...

Or perhaps Janis is a mole for another organization Simon doesn't work with...or maybe is only telling Simon what he wants to hear for more info?

If she is a mole that calls into question whether her flash forward is even legit or not. Simon's isn't, we already know. But, so far that still seems to be a true possibility.

Anxious to see where the Demetri storyline goes and whether or not he can prevent his own demise.

But my dad has brought up the other thing I've sometimes forgotten about. For instance, when they reach April 29 at the time the flash forward occurred and their consciousness shifted, where did their consciousness for April 29th go? Maybe the next blackout is unavoidable, because maybe once you shift it once, it just keeps shifting once you reach that particular date?

Very interesting indeed. Watching with delight!:)