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Friday, April 9, 2010

FlashForward 1.15: Who's That Lady?

FlashForward 1.15 revolved around the hunt for the mole at FBI headquarters in LA.   The mole has tipped off objects of FBI missions - most recently, in Somalia last week - and resulted in death and injury to FBI personnel.   The most egregious were in Somalia and in Washington, where our FBI team was ambushed.

After first confirming what I thought was the case last week - that D. Gibbons aka Frost can flashforward to pinpoint specified times, and that's how he knew about Simon's designs, was able to talk to Demetri in 2010 from 1991, etc. - the story gets down to ID'ing the mole.

The suspects are all FBI agents, of course, including people we know and we don't know.   I was disappointed that the mole turned out to be someone we don't know - a woman agent - but then-

In a bold move and a great twist, Janis - who we do know, very well, she saw herself getting a sonogram in the future - captures the mole, who has killed a bunch of our agents in her attempted escape.  We then discover, via Janis' conversation with Simon, that she too, is a mole.   And, as Simon realizes, what better way to maintain your cover than to nab the other mole in the outfit.

This was a daring move indeed.  Janis is one of the most popular characters in the series, and making her a villain, apparently reporting to the same nefarious organization that the late Ricky Jay character was fronting, makes life at FBI headquarters much more dangerous.

It also raises at least one question:  If Janis is working for the bad guys, who almost killed her back in Washington?   Another group of bad guys?

Meanwhile, on the inevitable future/avoidable future front, we have another apparently avoidable future - or people moving along on that path.   Bryce kisses Nicole - we saw that coming - and Keiko, almost crossing paths with Bryce in LA, seems to be really liking some other guy.   There's still time for the Bryce-Keiko flashforward to come true, but I like this double diversion.

As I continue to enjoy the show.

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