Saturday, April 17, 2010

FlashForward 1.16: Mark's Gun and Demetri's Wedding

The irresistible vice of the future - for some people, at least - grows ever tighter in FlashForward 1.16, as Mark and Demetri fail to retrieve Mark's gun, and Demetri is a no-show at his own wedding - which, if it had happened, would have confounded Zoey's flashforward of a marriage-actually-funeral for Demetri.  Their plans, if they had married, were to fly off to Hawaii, or far away from Mark's gun and the death it was seen to mete out to Demetri in just three days.

The gun is already in the hands of Gibbons/Frost, who uses it to knock out Demetri, and spirit him away.  That's still a ways away from Mark killing Demetri with that gun - what Nhadra (played by Behrooz's mother from 24) - saw in her flashforward.  We should find out how that plays out next week.

Meanwhile, Lloyd and Olivia are moving closer together, despite Olivia's protestations.   After splitting with Mark - because she wanted them to go someplace safe together, and he wanted to stay and face the paradoxical music in LA - Olivia ends up kissing Lloyd, in a lot more than a peck.   I have to say - infuriating person that I am - that although I've found Mark unsympathetic for most of the series, I felt bad to see Olivia and Lloyd getting together, and am now more or less rooting for Mark.

And Olivia - and Mark - may soon have bigger problems.   Gibbons/Frost now also has Charlie Benford, in addition to Demetri, in his possession.   If Mark comes after her, and there's some kind of gunfire, that could be the way Nhadra's flashforward about Demetri and Mark's gun comes to be, after all...

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