Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preliminary Predictions for Lost Finale

Well, with no new Lost on last night, I thought I'd put down some preliminary predictions for how I see this whole magical mystery tour ending.

First and foremost, I've thought since the beginning of this final season that what I've been calling the "alternate better LA reality" will merge into our original ongoing island reality.   I still feel that way now, with just a handful of episodes left.

Why do I call this alternate reality "better"?   (Everyone knows it's alternate.)  The reason is by and large every single major character in LA  is happier, more fulfilled, than on the island.   Ben and Claire are the most dramatic examples.   So is Desmond - doing far better in LA than down the well on the island.  Sawyer seems to be enjoying his life and work in LA far more than what he has now on the island (though his time with Juliet on the island was great while it lasted).   Jack is happier as a doctor in LA.  Sayid's now in custody in LA, but that's a lot better than being a "zombie," as Sawyer accurately put Sayid's status on the island last week.  And Nadia's alive in LA.  Hurley and Libby are connecting in LA -  a lot better than Hurley's situation on the island, even though he's getting more respect there.   Keamy's dead in LA, no worse than what he is on the island.  Faraday's alive and well in LA, a lot better than what happened to him on the island.  Same for Charlotte. Same for Charlie, Boone,  Elana - they're all alive in Los Angeles.  And although Charlie did reach heroic proportions before his death on the island, he's beginning to find himself in LA.  Sun and Jin are finally together on the island, but they're also together in LA, and that's certainly more secure for them.   Locke is in bad shape in a hospital in LA - courtesy of Desmond's car - but that's certainly better than being dead and inhabited by MIB on the island.   Only Kate is arguably in better shape on the island than in LA, where she is in custody, but I have a feeling things will soon take a turn for the worse for Kate on the island.

But why is this "better" part of the alternate LA reality so important?  Because it shows what our characters can be, free of the island's sway.   And I believe that when this better LA reality collapses into the island reality, it will have the effect of lifting all of our characters on the island.  Whether each one leaves the island or not, every character will have a clear vision of what her or his life can be.

How will this merge happen?   We've seen the beginning of it already, with Desmond on a mission to put everyone in alternate LA reality in touch with their true, original island selves.   Desmond is the catalyst.   And the person most likely to make this happen, to flip the switch, at this point, is Faraday.   He already told Desmond in LA that he, Faraday, had a sense that this - LA - wasn't the way it was supposed to be, and that Faraday thought he had been responsible, and that he had altered the course of reality with a bomb.

And I'll be back soon with more predictions - including who will live, and why.

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