Tuesday, April 13, 2010

House 6.16: Revealing Couplings

A hospital lockdown occasioned by a missing newborn provided just the environment for most of the major characters to let it all hang out on House 6.16 last night, in convenient groups of two stuck in various rooms together for hours.

Among the highlights -
  • House shows himself to be more of a mensch again, as he encourages a dying patient to call his estranged daughter.   House even apologies to the patient for not taking his case.
  • Wilson and 13 play a hot, funny round of Truth or Dare
  • Foreman and Taub get stoned out of their minds in the Records Room
  • Chase and Cameron are back together - more or less - at least for the time of the lockdown
The last was the most interesting of the evening.   I've had mixed feelings about Chase and Cameron as a couple, mainly because I was a fan - maybe still am - of Cameron having a full-fledged relationship, at least for a little while, with House.   But I didn't like the way she left him.   So I was glad to see Chase call her on that, pointing out, in particular, that she had been close to killing the genocidal dictator herself.

That clearly was not the reason for her leaving Chase.   But what was?   They're clearly still attracted to each, and sleep together again last night.   The two, at Chase's prodding, come up with a pretty good explanation of why she left:  she's too broken over the loss of her first husband, and the reasons that led her to marry him in the first place, to work with any other man, including Chase.

On the other hand, this season has been mostly about progression and healing, certainly regarding House.   What's to stop them from getting back together?   Chase did sign the divorce papers, and Cameron did say their sleeping together was  a "proper goodbye," but, even so, while there's life there's hope.

But next up on House is Wilson's love life - in particular, his first wife coming back into the picture, played by Libby from Lost.   It will be fun to see where that goes.

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