Friday, April 23, 2010

Fringe 2.19: Two Plus Infinity

Walter started to tell Peter the truth at the beginning of last night's Fringe - 2.19 - but was interrupted by the case at hand.   Fortunately or unfortunately for the Bishops, the case involved the alternate universe, aka the other side, and its events conspire to let Peter guess the truth all on his own.   All of this is fortunate for us, because it gave us a powerful, provocative episode - and moved the underlying story along in irreversible directions.

Walter's nemesis Newton (Walter actually has more than one) is bringing people over from the other side to this, our, universe.  The bodies from our side that this process engenders attracts the attention of Olivia and the team.   There's a daring scene near the end, in which a bridge from the alternate universe is close to merging with a bridge from ours - over the River Charles in Cambridge, MA - with a view on the part of Newton of getting more people from there to here.  Peter rushes to stop this - he doesn't want Walter to risk his life, and any contact with the other side under these circumstances would destroy anyone from this side.  Only Walter or Peter have the scientific knowledge to stop the merging.

A nearby cop on our side gets exposed to the other side, and dies.   Peter, who is also exposed, survives.  Peter puts two and infinity together, and realizes the reason he didn't die is that he's from the other side.

Peter confronts Walter, who comes to see Peter as he's recuperating.   The next we know, Peter's gone from the hospital.  He's at large, furious at his father.   Walter tries but doesn't quite explain to Peter that he had to take  Peter from the other side, otherwise Peter would have died there.   But whatever Walter is able to tell Peter, Walter has no explanation for why Walter didn't return Peter, after he had been cured.   Not having the heart to break his wife's heart is not likely to be all that persuasive to Peter, given that his absence from the other world must have broken his mother's and his father's alternate reality hearts.

Will be very interesting to see if Peter is able to see his real parents - Waltnerate and his wife.  I suspect that, in the end, Peter will still love our Walter, and will help him.   But that could take a lot of time, and in the meantime, this great, defining season continues.

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