Wednesday, April 14, 2010

V 1.7: Ryan's Story

A good, strong V 1.7, which mostly tells the story of 5th columnist Ryan.

He met John May ten years ago - met John May and his adopted human family (wife and son).   John May recognizes that Ryan has the potential to feel human emotion - enjoy a cold beer on a hot day, be taken by a beautiful woman, the kinds of experiences that John has already discovered and learned to enjoy.

But in our present, as Ryan, Erica, Kyle, and Fr. Jack come to John May's house, they find only John May's son James.   He was a boy when Ryan first came to the house ten years ago.  He's grown now, has a girlfriend, and doesn't have much use for his father, who James believes committed suicide.  John did leave a suicide note, but-

It turns out that Ryan, in his last act as a loyal-to-Anna Visitor, killed John May.  But not before May had evoked in Ryan the powerful, real human emotions which would make him the person he is today.  A moving story, effectively told.

Other news from V 1.7:  James' girlfriend is a V spy.  Fortunately, Kyle kills her before she can do too much damage.    No such luck for our side with Lisa, though, who splits Tyler from his father by telling Tyler that his father really isn't his father.   Blood work done on Erica and Tyler's father when Tyler was younger apparently showed that Tyler's father couldn't have been his father.  Erica still insists the tests were wrong.   I don't know she couldn't just have said in plain English that she hadn't been sleeping with anyone else - for Tyler's sake and our (the viewers') clarity.   But network television is still a little more shy about sex than violence (thank you, unconstitutional FCC).

Up on the ship, Anna's myriad pregnancy is progressing.  Georgie makes a noble sacrifice.  And down on Earth, Valerie discovers some of the truth about Ryan and her pregnancy,  just as Ryan was about to tell her that truth.   The stakes are being raised on all sides.

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