Friday, April 30, 2010

Hot Blooded Bones 5.19!

The guitar not only wailed on Bones 5.19 last night - as Bones and Booth did a kick-ass few lines from Foreigner's Hot Blooded (one of my favorite all-time scenes from Bones) - but the guitar also weeped, and not gently, as it murdered not only our inhibitions as it always does in rock 'n' roll, but the poor victim, whose skull and other parts turned up in a too-gooey soak in a washing machine.

Actually, the victim wasn't poor, or worthy of our pity.  He was an obnoxious rich dude who was to play with a famous guitarist at Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp.   His killer, who wielded a guitar, was outstanding on stage, pumping out a first and final devastating performance as Booth prepared to take him away in handcuffs.

The guitar was a Gibson Les Paul  - creme de la creme and worth huge bucks - and this gave us another delightful chance to her Angela talk about her father (none other than Z Z Top - only on Bones!)  Nothing further with her and Jack last night, but the coming attractions promise something promising for next week.

There were lots of balls (not the eye kind) and romance in the air, as Arastoo and Jack talk about baseball (and Bones offers an explanation for its popularity - boys like to hit things - but my favorite line was Bones saying to Booth, with lips almost quivering, "our partnership is still important to me"), and Cam finally has a love interest (her daughter's gynecologist - though of course not for long).   But Dr. Linder looks good for Cam.

But to get back to my favorite scene.   What more could you ask if you're a fan:  Bones and Booth up at the microphone, tie (that Catherine gave him) wrapped around his head, Bones playing guitar, and both belting out Hot Blooded.   Bones even leans down, over, and up to the microphone,  right next to Booth, in what was in many ways the hottest scene between them in the series.   Long live sex and rock 'n' roll!

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