Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Walking Dead 2.6: Secrets Told

Well, the secrets finally started hitting the fan in The Walking Dead 2.6.

At least one has been more than a year in coming.   Lori at last reveals to Rick that she and Shane were sleeping together when Rick was presumed dead.   Rick says he knew, and he's not too upset about it.  This shows how well Rick has adopted to the crazed new world in which he and our heroes now live.

Lori also reveals that she's pregnant - actually, admits she's pregnant, after Rick confronts her about the abortion pills that Glenn brought back for her from the pharmacy in town on a new trip he and Maggie made.   Lori took some of the pills then chucked them out.

Glenn indeed was the sparkplug of most of the revelations.  Last week, he was the only one who knew about Lori's state and the walkers in the barn.   Now Dale knows about both - Glenn told him - and so does Maggie.  She of course already knew about the walkers - she calls one of them mom.  And Hershel makes the case that they're not dead or even monsters - but sick.   We might say he's naive, and we - and our band - know better.   But it got me thinking  - what if someone could come up a cure?  That would go against what the scientist at the CDC indicated last season - but why accept what he said as the absolute last word?

Glenn's a good character.  He always comes back, as he says in last Sunday's episode.   That's about the closest to confidence to be found in this stricken world - that, and Rick's impassioned attempt to convince Lori that having the new baby is the way to go.  And, for that matter, Andrea and Shane in the car.  Flickers of life for the future.

And The Walking Dead will be back next week, for its last episode for this part of the season.


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