Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Walking Dead 2.4: What Happened at the Pharmacy

Another excellent episode - 2.4 - of The Walking Dead last Sunday.  They've all been outstanding so far this season.   And this episode featured sex, and its consequences.

Glenn and Maggie go to the pharmacy in town to get supplies.   "Take what you need, God Bless," it says on the window.  But Maggie and Glenn need more than supplies.  They sleep together, at Maggie's initiation.  It was a tender moment, and showed that people still have time-honored needs and attractions in this world gone insane.   Obvious, I guess, but good to see.  And good for Glenn and Maggie (who later says it was a one-time thing, but that's highly doubtful).

Meanwhile, Lori asks Glenn to get her something at the pharmacy.  We don't find out until the end of the episode what that is.   We do know it was in the Feminine Hygiene  section, so the choices are somewhat limited.

It's a pregnancy test, and Lori is pregnant, which could and no doubt will change everything.   Although Lori hasn't slept with Shane since Season 1, in narrative time (as opposed to television viewing time) that's not that long ago at all, which means the baby could be Shane's.  And the same, of course, is true for Rick, whom Lori has been with since Rick joined the group.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  If Lori has the baby - which I'm guessing she will, after much personal and conflicted deliberation - this might not happen until next season.   But everyone will see that she's pregnant, including Rick and Shane.   Rick will think the baby is his (possibly the scientist in the CDC already told him Lori was pregnant, at the end of last season). Shane won't know whether the baby is his or Rick's.    The two don't look all that different, so short of a DNA test - which may not be available in this place and time - we may never know. And maybe that doesn't really matter.

In a world in which human beings are on the edge of extinction, as far as we can tell, from the plague and the zombies, a baby is especially miraculous and precious.  But Lori already indicated, when Carl was in danger of dying, that she didn't know if it was right to bring a life into this sick world.

The pharmacy and its aftermath promise intense times ahead for our people.

And one other thing -  when Doc Hershel says he'll consider Rick's request that our group be allowed to stay, Hershel says something about there being some secrets in the homestead which Hershel can never divulge.   I wonder what those could be - something having to do with the zombies?


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