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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boardwalk Empire 2.6: Owen and Other Bad News for Nucky

In terms of a major jolt to the leading characters, here is the most important revelation and develepment in Boardwalk Empire 2.6:   Margaret is yearning for Owen.

We learn this when Margaret finally goes to confession - the stern priest who is working with her son gave her no choice.  Nucky is concerned lest Margaret reveal any of Nucky's criminal undertakings in her confession.  But if he knew what Margaret surprisingly says about longing for Nucky's enforcer- who is often under their roof, in bed with Katie the maid - Nucky would no doubt be far more upset.

There's no surprise in Margaret being attracted to the handsome, charming Owen.  But if Margaret is revealing this attraction to a priest in confession, it must be more than casual.

In other potentially bad news for Nucky, US Attorney General Daugherty knuckles under pressure from the Senator from New Jersey, and takes the Nucky's case away from the attorney who would have soft-pedaled it out of the courtroom.   The upshot for Nucky is that he now faces charges worse than the election fraud - violating the Mann Act by transporting prostitutes across state lines.   (I was never comfortable with the plan to "help" Nucky by bringing Federal charges against him, but nobody asked me.)

And, to make matters even worse, it looks as if Jimmy and Lucky may be forming an alliance - boding ill for both Rothstein and Nucky.

About the only possible good news for Nucky is Lucy giving birth to Van Alden's baby.  Perhaps this will distract Van Alden, at least a little, from his campaign against bootlegging booze?  Nah, not likely, and that's part of what makes this series so good.

And the historical media scene of the episode (I'm adding this category to every Boardwalk Empire review):  Jimmy's wife Angela marveling about the advantages of radio  - you can get great music for free, without having to pay for the recordings.  She hit the nail right on the head.

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