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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dexter 6.7: The State of Nebraska

A superb, nearly standalone Dexter 6.7, in which the figment of Brian goads Dexter into taking a trip to Nebraska.


Because the Trinity killer has apparently re-emerged and killed his wife and daughter - in Nebraska.   Of course, Dex (and figment Brian) know this can't be true, because Dexter killed Trinity.  Which means that Jonah, Trinity's son, likely killed his sister and mother.

There ensues Dexter as we've never quite seen him before, counseled and urged on by his most brutal, murderous side, i.e., Brian.   Dexter tries to hold on to Harry's code, though - as he tells Brian, it's enabled him to survive.  And part of it bids him to make sure that Jonah, who lied about his father, really killed his mother and sister.

After Dexter dispatches a pot-grower who steals Dexter's knives and tries to hold Dexter up for money - in a great scene in which Brian->Dexter grabs a pitch fork and kills the blackmailer - Dexter confronts Jonah and realizes that Jonah is not a monster.  Against Brian's strenuous objections, Dexter drives away from Jonah and leaves Brian in the dust.

I was hoping for a confrontation between Brian and Harry, but in an ending that's just as good Dexter picks up Harry on the side of the road as he returns to Miami.   The code is back in the car and in the driver's seat for Dexter (even though Harry is actually in the passenger's seat).

A brief sojourn in hell for Dexter, who had to let off some kind steam after Sam's death and Dexter killing Nick.   But Miami isn't exactly a bed of roses, either. The  DDK is still at large, and it's still not clear to me whether he's one person or two.

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