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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boardwalk Empire 2.7: Shot in the Hand

Another excellent Boardwalk Empire this past Sunday - episode 2.7 - in which Jimmy is caught in a bind about whether to have Nucky taken out.

Jimmy certainly wants Nucky out of the way, but prison would be fine for that purpose.  Jimmy's partners don't agree - most because they know that dead is only way to reliably get Nucky out of their business, or the business they want to away from Nucky, permanently.  Al Capone gets that, and he offers to bring in a hit man from Chicago.  Lucky gets it, too - "pop him," he advises Jimmy about what to do about Nucky.

Eli is another story.  His hatred for his brother is burning at an all time high, fueled by the humilation he  received when he tried to apologize to Nucky episode before last.  I said then that I thought Nucky's response was 100% appropriate.   But, obviously, it wasn't politically or life-and-death smart.

In addition to all of this, Jimmy has his mother urging him to be strong in front of his partners.  He tells Al to go ahead and call in the hit man, and then, though he's agonizing about it, does nothing to call the hit man off.

Still, there's a deep feeling - akin to a son and father - that Jimmy still has for Nucky.  The real question is will he be strong enough, man enough, to pull back from Nucky's killing, in the face of all the pressure to the contrary.

And that he does.  In one of the most decisive moments of the series, the hit man opens fire on Nucky, but is almost instantly brought down by another gunman, no doubt brought in to intervene by Jimmy.

Nucky's is shot in the hand or wrist.  But he will survive.  And his response to Jimmy - who saved his life after selling it out? 

That remains to be seen.  But it could be a turning point in Nucky's relationship with Jimmy, which starts bringing them back together.

A wild night indeed for Nucky, not just because his life was almost forfeit then saved, but, because while all of this was going on, Margaret was in bed with Owen.    Nucky is betrayed by both his wife and muscle, who was nowhere to be seen when the bullets started flying.

And the historical media scene of the episode:  Has to be Jack Dempsey promoting his upcoming boxing match on the "wireless" aka nascent radio.


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