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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Good Wife 3.7: Peter vs. Will

A good Good Wife on CBS last night, at last featuring a confrontation between Peter and Will.

Peter's office has evidence of an alleged bribe that Will took, years ago when he was an attorney in Baltimore. Actually, new character Dana - played by Lie to Me's sassy Monica Raymund - brings the issue to Cary (recently promoted), who questions Will with Dana, and brings this to Peter's attention.

Interestingly, Peter isn't exactly gung ho to get Will, but he wouldn't be averse to destroying or at least damaging Will either.   Will, for his part, is furious, and confronts Peter on the steps of his office building, for one of the best scenes in the series.  Why don't you grow a pair and punch me, Will goads Peter, who pretty easily keeps his cool, even when Will jibes Peter with the observation that, of the two of them, it's Peter who's been on the inside of a prison cell.

Will of course is sure that Peter is doing this out of jealously over Alicia, but that may not quite be the reason.  Clearly Dana has some animus against Peter, who, at the close of the episode, wisely decides to put the investigation and the possible case in the hands of a independent prosecutor to be appointed by Peter's office.  I'd say that this round goes to Peter.

Meanwhile, Alicia learns what it's like to almost be thrown under the bus by Diane, who now all but knows for sure that Alicia and Will are in bed together.  Alicia is caught in bind when she's obliged to answer questions from a Federal investigator - assigned to this task by Diane - but doesn't want to compromise her attorney-client privilege.  Cue the wacky, brilliant Elsbeth - whom Alicia has the savvy to retain rather going with the firm's recommendation - to get Alicia out of this jam.

The show continues to be brilliant, funny, and cutting edge, replete with references to Rahm and Blogo thrown in whenever possible.

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