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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bones 7.3: Lance Bond and Prince Charmington

My favorite part of Bones 7.3 is Lance and his efforts to get a green light to carry and use, if necessary, a gun on the job.  As he points out to Booth, who is dubious, Lance after all is FBI, and he could cover Booth's back when they go out together.

What Sweets didn't know (I called him Lance, because that goes a little better with Bond) is packing and firing a gun would turn on Daisy.   That's not only good for obvious reasons, but it's saving Daisy that focuses Sweets when he goes through his qualifying tests, which he passes with flying colors - like James Bond - and even gets nicked in the process.   Which also excites Daisy.

Indeed, Daisy may be the leading character tonight, because she also figures in the hunt for Prince Chamington's killer (or dismemberer), the same person who killed the brilliant toy designer (Charmington the doll was found with her body).

Meanwhile, toys, or at least play, is the thing in a lot of the rest of the story, too.  Angela and later Hodgins find the Chinese-translated-into-English assembly instructions that accompany a baby walker set indecipherable - something everyone can relate to - and Bones gets in touch with the importance of play in a baby as well as adult's life.

As I've been saying for the past two weeks, it's a pleasure to see Bones enjoying herself and the way she looks at Booth, which is a real credit to Emily Deschanel's acting.  About the only note that rang a little false in tonight's episode is Angela saying something about no pictures of naked Congressman, as she looks in vain on the victim's computer for something pertinent to the case or at least interesting.  That line was no doubt inspired by Anthony Weiner, and the script likely written this summer, but all that feels like ancient history now, doesn't it.  I run into the same temptations in my novels - the key is to resist putting in a reference to some current, hot topic.  By the time the novel is published - or the TV episode is on the air - that current hot reference will likely have cooled to fading room temperature.

But the series is just bubbling and the best it's been in years, and I'm looking forward to more.

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