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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NCIS 9.10: Almost One Agent Short

We're "one agent short" - that's what McGee says to DiNozzo, who's sidelined in tonight's episode 9.10 of NCIS, for the very good reason that his father (DiNozzo, Sr.) is the chief suspect in the case at hand.

Robert Wagner is back playing Sr, as bon vivant and altogether excellent as ever.  But the evidence against him is impressive - finger prints on the bottle murder weapon, an angry argument caught on video with the victim, and no memory of what happened during the crucial hours.

The key to the whudunnit resides in Morgan Hunt (played by David Rees Snell of The Shield fame), the helpful exec who is quick to volunteer the incriminating tape.  But with Abby hard at work, the attempt to frame Sr won't stick - she finds that he was given a roofie  (and he, irrepressible, is almost flattered about that) and that his finger prints were only on the middle not the neck of the bottle.  But that was the part the murderer would have grasped, swinging the deadly bottle. As Abby points out, it's "conveniently wiped clean".  Good to see her play such a crucial role again.

Junior breaks the rest of the case, discovering the woman who drugged Sr, which leads the team to Hunt (she was working for him, but didn't quite know she was framing someone for murder).  The moral of this part of the story is the team indeed needs DiNozzo, which is no great revelation - we already knew this - but you can't see it too many times.

Gibbs once again plays the emotionally stabilizing role, not only stopping Sr. being taken away when Abby steps up with some of the further evidence, but arranging for the DiNozzos to spend their first Thanksgiving together in who knows how long.   Junior needs you as a father, Gibbs tells Sr., not your money, bringing home the point that NCIS is as much about family this year as fighting bad guys.

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