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Monday, November 14, 2011

Boardwalk Empire 2.8: Pups with Fangs

I'm a suspicious sort.  I didn't believe that Federal agent Lathrop just happened to be there at the perfect time and place to stop Nucky's would-be killer - last week (episode 2.7) in television time, much more recent in story time.  In last night's episode 2.8 - another great episode in this great second Boardwalk Empire season - we hear Jimmy taking Al Capone to task for not providing a hitman who could do the job.   Not especially convincing that Jimmy wasn't behind Lathrop's intervention - after all, Al would be last person Jimmy would tell if Jimmy was.   But later, Jimmy tells his wife that he really did try to have Nucky killed.  This a lot more convincing.  But-

If Jimmy didn't want anyone to know that he got Lathrop to kill Al Capone's man, Jimmy wouldn't tell his wife about this either.   So I'll still thinking this matter isn't totally settled, as yet.

But it may not actually matter, in any case.  The best scene in 2.8 takes place in a meeting with Nucky, Johnny Torrio and Arnold Rothstein.  Nucky, who seems to have come to terms with his near-assassination, remarks that the pups - Jimmy, Al, Lucky, and Lansky - have grown fangs.   And he then listens carefully to Arnold's advice that the best strategy to is pull back and wait until circumstances have changed sufficiently for Nucky to strike back, and then bet it all, go all in.

And this is what Nucky is apparently doing.  He resigns as Treasurer, but  urges Chalky to get his people to cripple Atlantic City during tourist season with a strike.  And he asks Owen to arrange a meeting with John McGarrigle over in Ireland.   Trouble ahead on lots of accounts for Atlantic City under Jimmy's control.

But as on top as he is on all this, Nucky seems woefully ignorant of one thing - Owen and Margaret's time in bed when Nucky was being shot in the last episode.   Unless-   Nucky needs Owen too much now to confront him about Margaret right now.

Nah, that would be too much even for a suspicious sort like me.

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