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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dexter 6.8: Is Gellar Really Real?

The battle continues in Dexter 6.8 tonight - the battle in our minds about whether Professor Gellar is real, or an evil sector in Travis' mind?

The victim tonight - the slain whore of  Babylon is Travis's sister Lisa - up's the ante about Gellar, who killed her.  But was the killer the flesh-and-blood Gellar, whom Dexter thinks is Travis's physical, palpable dark passenger, or Travis, taken over mentally by the dark passenger within who is Gellar?

Here's what we knew before tonight's episode.  Gellar was Travis's professor, and dropped out of sight a few years ago (because Travis killed him?).  We never see Gellar without Travis in some kind of attendance.  I can't recall a single scene with Gellar present and Travis nowhere to be seen or heard.  This certainly suggests Gellar is an evil figment.

But against this we have Dexter's continuing view that Gellar and Travis are two different people.  Dexter's not infallable, but his perception over the years has been pretty impressive.

And what did we see and learn tonight?  Travis knows his sister was talking to the cops - he sees the gun on Debra as he bicycles by his sister in the house.  We see Travis chained to the floor after Lisa's killing - presumably by Gellar, to keep Travis from interfering or (as Gelllar volunteers) to keep Travis from running away.  But surely Travis could have chained himself to the floor ....

At this point, I'd say the scale is tipping towards Gellar as deadly figment.

And there's also Debra.  Although she doesn't know half as much as Dexter about Gellar and Travis, she's focusing on Travis as the killer.  She even delivers the best line of the night to this effect - "I'll fuck Masuka if this [Travis] isn't our guy." (Poor Masuka, he just never gets much respect.) Is Debra just three or four weeks behind Dexter on this case, or is she seeing some deeper truth that for some reason Dexter is missing?

Meanwhile, just for good measure, Deb's beginning to catch Dexter in some medium-serious lies about Nebraska.   And ... LaGuerta's trying to close up a one of Deb's cases - of a blond found dead and naked on the floor - and she's talking on the phone to someone about that.  Likely that's Matthews.

The rest of this season will bear some careful viewing.

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Anonymous said...

Who's Massuda? It's Masuka..

Anonymous said...

lol...you lost me at "Massuda"

Paul Levinson said...

:) Well, that's why I said he gets no respect ... but thanks for catching the mindo, I've corrected it.