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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NCIS 9.8: Intersections with Reality

A powerful, sensitive NCIS 9.8 last night, which begins with Gibbs dreaming about Shannon, awoken with news about a plane bringing fallen Marines back to the United States, which crashes.  It turns out that Marine First Lieutenant Gabriela Flores, thought to be among the fallen, was apparently not on the plane - none of her DNA was there - and the story shifts to an attempt to find out what happened to her.  This is the first of a two-part story, so we'll find out more next week.

The story is very much Gibbs', with his much younger self played by Mark Harmon's son Sean.  Any episode that tells us more about Gibbs is always welcome and prime.

But what I was thinking about most, this morning, as I set out to write this little review, was the synchrony between last night's episode and what's happening in the real world.  The news broke yesterday about the mishandling of Marines' remains at Dover Air Force base.   I couldn't help envisioning what Gibbs would have thought and done about this.

And I've been thinking for two weeks about former Marine Scott Olsen, who was critically injured by a point-blank shot to the head with a rubber bullet, fired by a cop in Oakland, California when Olsen was peaceably demonstrating as per his First Amendment rights.  I've called upon President Obama to send in the National Guard to protect our American citizens from out of control cops - just as Eisenhower sent in the Guard to protect the civil rights of Americans in the South in the 1950s - but I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

But how would Gibbs react to what happened in Oakland?  What about the NCIS-LA team?   They no doubt would have already gone in, and brought the criminal police to justice.  Sure, they would have run into resistance from the local authorities, but that never stopped them before.

If only our real world could be as just and satisfying as NCIS on television.

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