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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Person of Interest 1.8: Widmore and Ben, At It Again

Hey, fans of Lost - and I was a devoted one, until those ruinous last few minutes of the finale - will be happy to know that Widmore and Ben were up to their old tricks on Person of Interest 1.8 the other night.

Well, not quite Widmore, but Alan Dale, who played Widmore so well in Lost, is back on the kill in Person of Interest.  This time, Dale as Ulrich Kohl is a former Eastern German agent, recently out of prison, and determined to end every member of his former team he holds responsible for the death of his beloved wife Anja, years ago.

Reese and Finch (Ben aka Michael Emerson), then, soon realize they are out to intervene with a perpetrator not a victim.  Kohl gets the drop on the usually almost invincible Reese - as I've said previous reviews, I like when heroes are not perfect, makes them more human and believable - and Reese and Finch have to work especially hard to finally get the drop on Kohl.

Two good twists in this episode - Anja is alive and well in NYC, and Kohl who feels betrayed by her turns out to be bluffing when he makes to kill her (and this provokes his suicide by Reese, which he is not happy about - where's Desmond and his time traveling when you need him).   And Carter and Fusco have a little more relevance than usual, almost closing in on Reese in the park, a few minutes after he shoots Kohl.

So Widmore again dies, if not by Ben then by his partner Reese (or whatever exactly Reese is to Finch - not quite his partner, but not quite his employee, either).  And we get some good flashback scenes - which seem to have a become a television staple since Lost - of how Reese got into the business.  But, hey, they're both J. J. Abrams' shows, and he's entitled.  It's not plagiarism to take from yourself.

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