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Sunday, November 20, 2011

What OWS Has Shown Us about Bloomberg, Jerry Brown, Obama

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC:  Trampled on the First Amendment freedom of peaceable assembly rights of Occupy Wall Street protesters  in Zuccotti Park; trampled on First Amendment freedom of press rights of all New Yorkers and Americans by banning media from his forced eviction of Zuccotti Park protesters; has supported police beating of protesters, roughing up of journalists, arrest of protesters and journalists; conspired with 17 other mayors to launch nation-wide clearing of OWS sites in cities across America.   I would not vote for him if I lived in NYC (where I work);  I will never vote for him for any other offices; I would like to see a Federal investigation into his OWS conduct.

Governor Jerry Brown of California:  Has remained silent as police in cities and campuses in California have shot rubber bullets at protesters (one point blank at the head on an Iraq War veteran that put him in the hospital in critical condition) and people with camera phones, used pepper spray on students at UC-Davis, and beat students at Berkeley.  I once admired his vision and had an impressive, hour-long conversation with him at  Fordham University when I was Chair of the Department of Communication and Media Studies several years ago.   I no longer admire him, to say the least, and unless he moves very quickly now to protect the people in his state from police brutality I will speak out against him if he runs for any office again.

President Barack Obama of the United States:  Has also been silent about all of the above.  I voted for him in 2008, and wrote and spoke out in his favor many times (see the many posts in this blog).  His silence about the above attacks on Americans exercising their First Amendment rights are making me begin to wonder if I will able to vote for him again.

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