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Monday, November 7, 2011

Voicemail from Marshall McLuhan, 1978

Here is a voicemail from Marshall McLuhan to me, left on what we then called our "answering machine," from August 1978.   I had just completed my doctoral dissertation at NYU - but hadn't yet even handed it in to my advisers, Neil Postman and Christine Nystrom.  Instead, I decided to mail it up to Marshall McLuhan in Toronto - we had met after I wrote the Preface to his "Laws of the Media" published in June 1977 in et cetera, and the "Tetrad Conference" I had organized with him, Eric McLuhan, Bob Blechman, and other notables at Fairleigh Dickinson University (where I then was an Assistant Professor) in March 1978.  Tina and I went on vacation right after I sent up the dissertation, and this is the message from Marshall we found on our return...

voicemail from Marshall McLuhan, 1978

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