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Thursday, November 3, 2011

NCIS 9.7: "You Were My Shannon, Leroy"

A superb NCIS 9.7 on Tuesday, with a case revolving around Gibbs and Fornell's ex-wife Diane and her current husband.  Lots of occasions for NCIS quintessential humor, as well as a good dangerous story.

Among the funny lines were Diane's reference to Gibbs as "Mr. Woodchuck."  But my favorite belonged to DiNozzo who, early in the episode, concerned about his and everyone's thinning hair, remarks about the "skin yamulke" on top of Tim's head.   Ouch, been there (actually, still there).

Meanwhile, the nub of the story concerns an apparently terrorist plot to unleash a deadly virus at a big stadium.   Diane and especially her husband Victor may be involved, but he turns out to be hero, and all Diane really did wrong was cheat on poor  Fornelle in 2004.  And the target was actually of the assassination not terrorist variety.

The best scene comes at the end, when Diane pays another visit to the woodchuck in his lair (den, hole?).   She confronts Gibbs about his having only ever loved Shannon, and Gibbs (again, nicer this season than in previous ones) tells Diane he did like her, and still does.  That's pretty high praise indeed from Gibbs.   But Diane has the best line, saying, "you were my Shannon, Leroy."  With that, she leaves the lair and Gibbs, with his bourbon and memories of Diane and Shannon.

And us with a soft, haunting ending to another fine and funny ride.

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