Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Walking Dead 2.3: Shane and Otis

Another great Walking Dead with a stunning ending last Sunday, as episode 2.3 tells us how Shane and Otis fared in getting the crucial respirator back to save Carl.

Shane and Otis are badly over-matched by zombies - to say the least - as they try to make their way back with the respirator to their car.  They painstakingly make progress, saving each other's asses at every turn.  We see all this in a classic series of ongoing flashbacks, against what's happening back at the doc's house, and back in the car pile-up.

Time's running out for Carl, who awakes briefly with a beautiful memory of the deer in the forest.  Even Rick's transfusions - which could soon put Rick in a coma from lack of blood - won't save Carl.  He's losing more blood than can possibly be replaced.   The doc says they have no choice but to operate without the respirator, an operation that could kill Carl right there.  Lori - who was questioning whether Carl would be better off alive or dead in this hellish world - gives the go-ahead.

And Shane shows up, shaken to the point of speechless, with the respirator.  But where's Otis?  He obviously and tragically didn't make it.

Otis's not making it is in itself no great surprise, given his condition.  But the reason that he didn't get back with Shane is the kick-in-the-gut stunner.

Shane, after taking a shower, inspects his bruises.  For a second, I had the horrible feeling that Shane might have been bitten.

But the final flashback reveals their source:  Otis gave the brusies to Shane, as he struggled for his life, and against Shane's move to leave Otis behind to satisfy ans distract the zombies, so Shane could get back with the respirator for Carl.

There was no other way.  But this act certainly supports Lori's misgivings about whether this is a world worth living in.   I guess I'd have done what Shane did in such circumstances, but ... the walking dead have made this a tough world in which to live indeed.   They not only kill us, but put good people in a position to kill other good people, and for good reasons.   Which is a bad situation, any way you turn it.

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