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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NCIS 9.9: Twists and History

Some twists and surprises in NCIS 9.9 last night, most importantly -
  • We're lead to believe, at the beginning , that Gibbs is coming back home with Marine First Lieutenant Gabriela Flores' body, but in the action we see in Afghanistan, it turns out to be Marine Captain Craig Quincy who was killed in the fight to rescue Flores.  Good work by Ziva in this theater of the story.
  • Gibbs has been thinking about Marine Private Joan Matteson, whom he knew when he was much younger, not because she was his first real attraction, but because she died before the two of them could get together (she was killed when her plane crashed oveseas).   Flores' survival creates a nice, bitter-sweet counterpoint for Gibbs.
  • The terrorist business in Afghanistan - they blew up a school with kids - turns out to be prelude to a plot to blow up a school bus here in America.  Gibbs and team stop this in the nick of time, thanks to good bad cop/good cop questioning by Gibbs and Leon (which gets one of terrorists to reveal the plot), and McGee's jamming of the terrorist's cellphone at the scene.
So the two-part story which began last week is wrapped up well, with the benefit of our being given access to another part of Gibbs' difficult life we didn't know before.   It occurred to me, as I was watching this, that so far this NCIS season there's been no ongoing new romances for anyone on the team.   Ducky was smitten a few weeks ago, but that affair didn't survive the episode.   Will be interesting to see how much longer the chaste season continues.

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