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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bones 7.1: Almost Home Sweet Home

Bones was back with the debut of its seventh season tonight, and a delightful, satisfying premiere it was.

Bones is pregnant with Booth's baby, and she's "crying at the crime scene," courtesy of the flood of hormones.  But what's giving her real concern, even without the hormones, is where she and Booth will live.  He wants them to move in together, she at first demurs, but even when she agrees, she wants Booth to move in with her - as the Iroquois do - while Booth would like them to get their own, new place.

The case at hand has relevance to their new lives together.  The victim is yet another person with memory loss - this has been a theme on at least three different series other than Bones this season (can you recall which?) - and for Booth and Bones it serves as a good metaphor for the bad memories each of them will be leaving in the dustbin.

The bad guy turns out to be the doctor - for some reason, I saw this in his first scene - who has lots of money riding on the status of his patient's memory.  Bones, every bit as brilliant as before her pregnancy, solves the case on evidence that even Hodgins and Wendell miss.   Speaking of Hodgins, we get some great scenes of him and Angela and their adorable baby, who charms even Cam, who's in officious mode tonight.

Hodgins and Angela are clearly happy together.  And it seems that, against all odds, so by and large are Booth and Bones.  They not only tell each other that they love each other, but they exhult in each other's company, and the prospect of their baby.   In the end, Bones sees the wisdom of Booth's wanting a new home, though they (of course) still can't agree on Bones' logical point that they should get a home commensurate with her millionaire status.

In other words, the chemistry of Bones has definitely changed, at least a little, and I'd say much for the better.

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