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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bones 7.2: The New Kid and the Fluke

Another nice, amiable Bones tonight  - 7.2 - with heart-warming banter between Booth and Bones at the end that still blows me away.  Emily Deschanel radiates a love - Bones takes pleasure in Booth's happiness - that is a quiet tour-de-force of acting.

Meanwhile, there is a new kid on the block back at the lab.  Finn Abernathy has a troubled past, but he's brilliant and has real backwater Southern charm.  Opie - as Hodgins calls Finn (who calls Hodgins "Thurston") - helps solve the case and also gets in one of the best lines of the night.  When Hodgins ribs Finn about his hillbilly accent (it just dawned on me that Finn may have been named after Huckleberry), Finn replies so what, they "both speak science".  Cam awards the exchange to Finn with a "snap" accolade, and Hodgins later admits that he was an "ass hat".   You don't get that too often on television.

As for the mystery at hand - who murdered the attractive, pregnant competitive eater - it's solved by a fluke.   Not an oddity but a parasite, which the killer picked up in Japan and inadvertently left with the corpse.

Life and death, libido and thanatos, are the mainsprings of drama, as the ancient Greeks knew so well.  In Bones, they take a new prominence, as Bones and Booth solve a case in which the victim's pregnancy serves as a motive for her murder - she was going to leave her profession as a competitive eater - and the two investigate murders while bringing their own baby girl into the world.

As I said last week, this is a new kind of refreshing chemistry and drama, for Bones in particular and television in general. 

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