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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Outlander 5.10: Finally!

Well, I've been looking forward to this all season.  I haven't read the books.   I've been told, by the people who had, that it wouldn't happen until a later season.  But I said, hey, a television show based on a series of books can change what was in the books any time it pleased.  And that's what Outlander did in tonight's 5.10.  And I was very pleased.

I have a standard, a gauge, that I use in reviewing television shows, about whether a character is dead.  Being choked into unconsciousness is not a sure indication that a character has been killed.  As we saw tonight with Jocasta, and several weeks ago with Roger, people can survive chokings and even hangings.  Same for falling off a boat or out of a plane.  Same for being shot, just about anywhere in the body.  Except in the head.  And, especially, except when the rest of your body, including your head, is tied to a stake planted in a rising tide.

So the death of Bonnet passed my test.  He's dead.  Shot in the head, on the verge of drowning, tied to a stake in the rising water.  But Roger asks Brianna a very good question.  Did she shoot Bonnet in the head to give him a death more merciful than drowning, or to insure that he somehow didn't escape his watery fate?

The answer is likely a combination of both.  As we saw in the long interlude in which Brianna was Bonnet's captive tonight, she had some real feelings for him, mixed in there with the horror.  She was maybe not as glad to put him out of his misery as she was to insure his death, but mercy was a part of her motive.  Ironically, though, for that very reason, that she had feelings for Bonnet, her killing him was also a mercy to herself.  By definitely killing Bonnet, she was setting herself free from that inchoate attraction she had for him.

All in all, one top-notch episode in a top-notch drama.

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