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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Outlander 5.9: Buffalo, Snake,Tooth

So, I've been wondering all this season why there was that scene with buffalo in the opening credits, under the best rendition of the opening song in any season.  We found out in episode 5.9 tonight.

I didn't even know that buffalo got this far back East.  But Wikipedia assures that buffalo were seen as far east as North Carolina circa 1850, and that's good enough for me, and this story that takes place around twenty years later.   Hunting buffalo is what gets Jamie and Roger out in the woods and open meadows, where ...

Jamie gets bitten by a poisonous snake.  This leads to many things, beginning with a great conversation between Jamie and Roger, in which Jamie tasks his son-in-law with dispatching Bonnet if Jamie doesn't survive and ending with the snake tooth which saves Jamie's life, via the penicillin which Claire has wrought, and the tooth as injector that Brianna the engineer has figured out.  In between, when Jamie, on the verge of death, tells Claire he wants her to "touch"him, we get one of the most tender sex scenes ever on television.

I should point that although Sam Heughan is always excellent as Jamie, in episode 5.9 he puts in a really Emmy-worthy, memorable performance.   It's tough to play someone with a strong soul in shouting distance to death, and Heughan did an outstanding job of it tonight.

And that leaves ... Bonnet.  Having not read any of the books, I have no idea if he'll die by the end of this season, which could happen, anyway, whatever is in the books, if the television series decided to change the disposition of Bonnet in the books.   I'm disappointed he wasn't killed already, but life and real history, alas, show that being evil is no indication that your life will be cut short.

See you here next week!

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