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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Outlander Season 5 Finale: The Cost of Stolen Time

Outlander saved the most powerful episode of this powerful fifth season for the last, the season 5 finale just on tonight.

The kidnapping of Claire, and the beating and rape of her by Lionel and his brutal, vicious men, would have been powerful in any context.  But in this final episode of the season, it provided a context and counterpoint for an equally powerful, thankfully non-violent development we saw the beginning of, last week.  Roger and Brianna did not get back to the present they sought, their present, when they disappeared with Jemmy in the stones.  Ian sees nothing for a moment, which made me think last week that the family had at least instantly traveled somewhere (or somewhen, to be precise).  But tonight we find out that Ian saw them a split second later, which means ... they didn't time travel anywhere or anywhen at all.

And so Claire's kidnapping and all that happened to her, including her rescue by Jamie and Roger, serves as context for the lack of what happened with the stones.  Powerful thread upon powerful thread.  Brianna and Roger had their future, their back to their present, rudely stolen.  And Claire suffered the tears, from the beating, and worse, as she sought refuge in her own imagination of what her life and the lives of her family could have been like, with the Association playing on vinyl.  But believing she would never see her daughter and grandson and son-in-law again, she imagines them killed in this future. Just as we learn that, in fact, they never did leave the time that Claire and Jamie inhabit.  So strong a juxtaposition, that we barely missed what the underlying most powerful unanswered question certainly is: why didn't the stones with the gems in hand not work?

Here I'll mention again that I haven't read the novels.  I haven't a clue why the American stones didn't work for Brianna and her family - possibly only one person can go through at a time (I don't think we've previously seen any couples or more go through together) -  but another element introduced tonight will no doubt provide more than a clue as to what's going on: the guy from the future, who neither hurts nor helps Claire, merely tells her that he, too, is from the future, which no doubt will be some major help to Claire and her family in the next or subsequent seasons.

Good thing that he was not among those killed by Jamie and his party.  And good thing, too, that we'll no doubt get more answers when Season 6 is on the air.  I'll see you back here then.

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