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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dexter 3.8: The Bright, Elusive, Deadly Butterfly of Miguel

It's easy to forget, amidst the fascinating ethical quandaries in Dexter's complex character - a serial killer we can love? - that Dexter the television show is also a first-class, tip-top mystery show. We have moved from the identity of Dexter's nemesis in the first year, to what Lila was really capable of in the second year, to ...

Miguel - brilliantly portrayed by Jimmy Smits - is one of the most complex, mysterious, incendiary ADA's ever to hit the television or movie screen. First, we were worried that he might figure out that Dexter killed Miguel's brother. Then, it turned out that Miguel shares something of Dexter's taste in cleansing the world of recalcitrant killers, and that Miguel might be pushing Dexter into doing something that put Dexter in danger - such as a killing the defense attorney, Ellen, who is too good in getting criminals off. (Dexter himself has been worried that Miguel may push him into violating the "code" that he has lived by, and indeed has saved his life while he kills.)

But now - at the very end of Sunday's episode - we find the most incredible, and dangerous, thing yet about Miguel: he is apparently sleeping with this defense attorney.

Which means, what? That Miguel did not really want Dexter to kill her? Well, then why did he go through that charade? Because he is really out to nab Dexter after all, and Ellen is cooperating in this pursuit? Pretty dangerous game - let's say Dexter had gone off on his own and killed her?

Or perhaps Miguel is even more crazy than he seems, and he both loves and hates Ellen?

Or perhaps Miguel started out hating her, but when Dexter showed him she wasn't that bad, Miguel seduced her? I don't think so, but....

And, actually, I'm not even sure that Miguel is going to her home to sleep with her, though she certainly seemed inviting at the door. But Miguel may well be going there to kill her ... but then why we would she be inviting him?

Dexter was talking a lot about the "butterfly effect" last night - how little changes can lead to great effects - in Dexter's cases, great undoings...

The great mystery now is whether Dexter has indeed unleashed Miguel, or is Miguel sticking to some intense plan that he had from the very beginning...

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dawn said...

Wow now I have to go back and rewatch because it looked to me like he was going top kill her not sleep with her, that didn't even enter my mind. I just hope they save Anton he was good for Deb. She has such bad luck.

Paul Levinson said...

Hey Dawn ... I don't know, Ellen looked pretty seductive at the door ... but maybe that's just me :)

Yeah, Deb deserves some luck in love...