Sunday, November 2, 2008

Calling Voters in Pennsylvania for Obama

I was just on the phone for an hour or so, calling voters in Pennsylvania for Obama. They were listed as Obama supporters. I gotta say this was one of the most inspiring hours I've ever spent.

Of the 50 voters I called, a fair number were not in. My wife, also making calls, did get a vile racist on the phone (his daughter was listed as an Obama supporter). But the vast majority of people I spoke to were well informed and enthusiastic about this election. From Philadelphia to the middle of the state, people of diverse backgrounds and ages were ready to go out and make history on Tuesday.

I think my favorites were the mother of a voter - he wasn't home - and she was from Haiti. She spoke French. I mustered my best college delivery, and I think I got my point across, because she said, "Oui, Obama!" On the other side of state, a woman interrupted my voice mail to tell me she and husband were voting for Obama, and they were sure he would win. My wife also had a good conversation with an Obama supporter in the middle of the state who said he had been receiving "disgusting" calls from McCain supporters - he was too much of gentleman to tell her the language - he said he and wife "were ready for a change" and were voting for Obama.

But nothing is certain in politics and democracy. In the end, all the speeches, the polls, the articles, the news commentary all give way to one thing: the votes on Election Day and before. It doesn't matter how rich or powerful the voter. All votes count the same.

You can make some calls, and get a feel for real democracy, at If you have even an hour or two in the next day, give it a shot. The new new media of the Internet and telephone and political revolution. It's an experience you won't soon forget.
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