Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Riley Lashes Out at Facebook in The Sarah Connor Chronicles

My favorite single line of tonight's Episode 2.10 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles was when Riley lashes at her adoptive family and their obliviousness to the "bleached skulls" that await them, and tells them all they care about is looking at their "Facebook pages". I like that sort of new new media hipness in a science fiction show on television....

Not to mention - how does Riley know about the horrible future that awaits everyone? Well, turns out that she's from the future, too - and in some kind of cahoots with Jesse. I had a feeling, when she so stood up so bravely to Cromartie in John's house a few weeks - a really great scene - that there was more to her than meets the eye...

And, speaking of Cromartie, he's back tonight, too - as John Henry, the android incarnation of the AI at Weaver's nefarious company, and this is, once again, Ellison's fault. Because, not only did Ellison dig Cromartie up and give it to Weaver, but he also tells Weaver that AIs need to follow some sort of rules, some sort of moral code. But, like Dexter's code, these rules will turn to be better rules by which to kill. Ellison seems caught in an exquisite vice of the more he tries to do good, the more he unwittingly is helping Skynet.

Meanwhile, Cameron's unintentional sense of humor is increasing, and Jesse tells Derek she needs to stop Sarah, so John can stay safe. I'm thinking that, by the end of the season, either Jesse or Derek will be gone.

But, for now, I'm going to post a link to this little review on my Facebook page...

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