Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gearing Back Up for Lost: Podcast Reviews of Season 4, Episodes 1-13, Right Here

The current television season, already in fine form with The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe (J. J. Abrams' latest), Life on Mars, Dexter, True Blood, Heroes, etc - is gearing up for some returns of classics, with 24 to have a special two-hour episode this Sunday (which I'll of course be reviewing here), ahead of its new season in January, and Lost to unveil its 5th Season in January, too.

As an appetizer for those who are looking forward to Lost, and who may not have heard these the first time around, my podcast reviews of all 13 episodes follow below - you can click on the players and listen right here. In my opinion, Season 4 was in some ways the best season of Lost, especially in the superb Desmond time travel story. These reviews originally were heard on my Levinson News Clips podcast, and were usually recorded just a few minutes to a few hours after each episode.

You can also hear some of them on your cell phone - at 415-223-4122.

And my complete run of 54 Light On Light Through podcasts can be found, appropriately, at Light On Light Through....

Enjoy ... podcast players that you can use to hear the podcasts right on this page follow below ...

reviews of Lost, Season 4, Episodes 1-8

reviews of Lost, Season 4, Episodes 9-13

See also 1. Lost's Back Full Paradoxical Blast 4.1 ... 4.2: Five Flashbacks and Three Rational Explanations ... 4.3: Thirty Minutes and Big Ben ... 4.4: Kate and ... ... 4.5 Desmond 1 and Desmond 2 ... 4.6 The True Nature of Ben ... 4.7 Flash Both Ways ... 4.8 Michael and Alex ... 4.9 Daughters, Rules, and Some Truth about Ben ... 4.10 Almost a Dream Come True ... 4.11 Unlocking Locke ... 4.12 Hurley's Numbers on the Dashboard ... Season 4 Finale: Six More Thoughts, Plus One ...


2. More Thoughts On Lost 4.1: Those Who Went with Hurley and Those Who Stayed with Jack and Two More Points about Lost 4.1

and: Lost: Keys to What's Really Going On

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