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Monday, November 3, 2008

Si Se Puede on Dexter: Is the Miguel the Ultimate Evil?

Taking a moment out of blogging for this historic election, and calling Obama supporters to get out the vote, to write about last night's fine, tingling episode of Dexter - though, hey, it was good to see Jimmy Smits up on the stage with Obama and Bill Clinton at a Florida rally last week.... And last night's Episode 3.6 was presciently entitled "Si Se Puede" ...

But Smits' character Miguel is much more than good, and he continues to be the fascinating fulcrum of this season of Dexter.

What, exactly, does Miguel want from his partnership and "friendship" with Dexter? Dex is understandably resisting having his business getting too entwined with Miguel - Harry's cautions provide a good projection of Dexter's concerns - and Dexter tries to make his righteous, grizzly pursuits unpalatable to Miguel. But Miguel is playing his own deadly game, and we learn near the end of last's night's story that Miguel has gone along with Dexter in setting up a monster to be carved because Miguel has own deep grievance against the monster. "Si Se Puedo" on Dexter means that Dex and Miguel are, at this point, mutual enablers...

So what really may be up with Miguel is that he's not some super zealous vigilante in the DA's office, but someone who is using what powers he can muster to exorcise and exercise his own personal demons. In some ways, this may be more dangerous than Dexter's demons, since those have rarely been personal.

And, as we were beginning to see last night, a defense attorney who has attracted Miguel's ire may be next on his list. And, to make matters worse, she and Lt. Laguerta have worked together, and Miguel is not too fond of Laguerta either.... Of Miguel and his two other brothers - Ramon the sheriff with an anger management problem, and the drug-dealing brother Dexter killed (but Miguel apparently doesn't know that) - Miguel may be the most evil. What a family!

This brings us to the other mystery in this red-bubbling cauldron. Who is skinning victims in the odd case Debra is investigating? Not Ramon, as Debra originally thought. I'm guessing it's Quin. He's being investigated for some reason by Internal Affairs. And Debra's beginning to like him, maybe a little, often a sign that the guy is no good. (And I guess, for that reason, we should be a little suspicious of Anton, too - though I'd like to see Debra finally find a little happiness in love, and maybe Anton's the guy.)

The multi-dimensional chess game continues, where the pieces are daggers, and the stakes are always on the edge of life and death.

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