Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heroes 3: The Continuing Redemption of Sylar

Sylar continues to become less a villain and more a hero in last night's Episode 3.9 - going against the villainous focus in this season of Heroes, and making for one the longest and most original rehabilitations of a bad guy on television.

The rehabilitation has been long not only because it has been happening all this season, but even more importantly in the distance that Sylar has had to travel to become anything close to a decent human being. He was evil incarnate in the first season, and the only reason he wasn't quite that bad the second season was because he was without his powers for most of it.

Last night we learned, as many viewers suspected, that Sylar deliberately softened Peter's fall from the window - which Sylar hurled him out of - so Peter was not hurt. And Sylar learns empathy last night, as he takes not just the power but the pain from Elle, and without hurting her in the slightest. This part of the story is not for the cynical.

Arthur's villainy is intense that Sylar would not seem so bad, even if he were as bad as the first season. But it will be interesting to see where Arthur and Sylar go. Although Nathan and Peter seem the more likely heroes to stand up to Arthur, the ultimate contest this season may be between Arthur and Sylar.

It was also good to see more of Parkman and Daphne last night. The ancient god Mercury combined something of both of their powers - communication and speed...

But next week will be not about powers, but losing them. It will be interesting to see how our heroes and villains function without them - and who will recover first.

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