Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.7: The Saving Robbery and Cromartie

There was an unspoken element in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Episode 2.7, which I thought was especially fine, even if it wasn't intended in the plot, which I suspect it was...

The Connor home is robbed. Lots of stuff, including their fake IDs, are taken. That's certainly not good - and is especially bad for Sarah and John, who need to keep their whereabouts and identities secret. The recovery of their stolen IDs becomes a major part of the story.

But ... did the theft of those IDs save their lives?

Cromartie is back in business, hunting John down. He eventually gets to the Connor house. Riley talks him down in a great scene. And Cromartie leaves.

But he has Terminator-scanned the house. What would have happened to Riley and John - who was standing nearby with a shotgun - if Cromartie had seen John's photo ID?

I like touches like that.

The other nice touch in this episode was Ellison almost getting murdered in his home by a look-alike Terminator. Ellison is saved from his deadly doppleganger by none other than ... Cromartie. This happens at the beginning of the episode. When Ellison asks Cromartie why he saved him, the Terminator answers that Skynet does not realize Ellison's value to Cromartie's mission, which is leading Cromartie to the Connors. This is the first we've seen that not all Terminators programmed by Skynet do its blind bidding - or, Skynet sometimes apparently gives its Terminators contradictory programming. Though, actually, you can see elements of that way back in the Arnold movies ... and Cameron would be an example of Terminators not always precisely following their programmer's instructions.

But we can now see in The Sarah Connor Chronicles that Skynet and its missions are not as monolithic as we might have thought them to be. And the question is, why did Skynet give the order to kill Ellison - and presumably replace him with his Terminator double - and has Cromartie not communicated with Skynet about the value of Ellison, which Cromartie has been acting on, now, for quite some time...

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