Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heroes 3: Thoughts on the Eclipse, Part I, and Its Consequences

Another good Heroes last night, with the first part of the eclipse which is robbing heroes and villains of their powers.

The most powerful part: the discovery that Daphne is badly disabled, and can't walk without crutches. She's the first hero I can think of whose superpowers not only make her a hero, but super in an area in which she had normally been far worse off than normal. I thought that was a touching, humane moment.

It was fun seeing Nathan fall out of the sky - he and Peter are now the same, since Arthur had already taken away Peter's powers. It would be interesting if the eclipse not only sapped the powers, but reversed what the powers had earlier accomplished. But that, of course, could unravel the whole series.

Claire's story was also handled well. Arthur sees her in his drawing in pretty bad shape, if not dead, as HRG carries her in the future. But at first HRG says Claire's wound is superficial. Since Claire can't heal herself now, that's good news. But it turns out the wound is a lot worse than that. Did Claire's superpower disguise also some sort of healing disability that she would have otherwise "normally" had?

But, speaking of healing, how did Elle recover so quickly, after being knocked out cold by HRG wielding a sideboard? An example of the resilience of all comic book characters, or something else, and special, about Elle...

Looking forward to more answers next Monday...

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