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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dexter v. Miguel: Psychotic Law v. Sociopath Science in 3.9-10

The showdown on Showtime is coming to a boil, as Dexter and Miguel up the ante in the past two episodes of Dexter, 3.9 and 3.10.

Miguel killed Ellen - I was wrong when I caught a glimpse of some other kind of passion when Miguel showed up at her door at the end of 3.8. And this has set in motion an escalating series of events and confrontations, including Laguerta falls into Miguel's arms (they have a history together), but comes to wonder if he is Ellen's killer, with a witness noting an SUV with halogen lights (which Miguel has), and his wife showing up and inadvertently letting Laguerta know that Miguel was not home the night Ellen was murdered...

This happened because bigmouth Rita told Miguel's wife. Not that I have anything really against Rita, or I'm rooting for Miguel - certainly not, I'm in Dexter's corner - but, truthfully, I never thought Rita was right for Dexter (I was liking Lila a lot more last year), and I guess, yeah, I wouldn't mind if Rita were out of the picture.

The confrontation between Miguel and Dexter is shaping as a classic between a powerful, raging hothead and a cool, deliberate careful killer, who actually draws strength when he's pressured or attacked. For Dexter, Miguel's tightening of the vice - threatening both Rita and Debra - is giving him an energy, unleashing the demon, to do what needs to be done. You can see it in the smile on Dexter's face.

But this will be one intense fight to the finish, with Dexter for the first time facing not just the law, as he did last year, but the law with all its powers gone psychotic in Miguel.

I'm looking forward.

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