Sunday, November 23, 2008

A 24 Even Keith Olbermann Might Like: Redeemed and Ticking!

A superb, different kind of 24 and Jack Bauer tonight, in the two-hour special Redemption. No torture, except to Jack, and done to other good guys by bad guys. No CTU. And a more thoughtful, deeper Jack.

This could almost be the kind of 24 that Keith Olbermann would like-

Probably not. But Hillary Clinton probably would, and I certainly did.

Jack's in Africa in a fictional country, Sangala, being taken over by blood thirty rebels, whose specialty seems to be training kids - little boys - as soldiers. Back in Washington, President Daniels, played to despicable but somehow still vulnerable perfection by Powers Booth, is about to turn power over to his successor, the first woman President, Allison Taylor. (24, to its credit, was way ahead of the television curve with David Palmer as the 1st African-American President.) Daniels doesn't want the US to help or get involved in Sangala - that's what I mean by despicable - but Taylor does. Unfortunately, Daniels is still in charge for another hour.

The entire two-hour movie takes places in real time, from 3-5pm - the ticking tableau is as effective as always - and, given our upcoming Inauguration, the timing is just right, too. And, also as always on 24, there's even more danger in the nation's capital, with Jon Voight playing some high-level official who will do just about anything to keep what he's been doing secret. That includes keeping a potentially deadly eye on none other than the President's son - who looks to be maybe in his early 30s, and has a pretty hot and somewhat sharp-tongued girl friend ...

Redemption is a both a good shot of Jack and 24 in itself, as well as prelude to the next season, which begins in January, and brings Jack back to Washington, with Chloe, Tony Almeida (!), and who knows who else...

The clock's ticking.

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