Monday, November 24, 2008

True Blood: Last Bite of the Season

I really liked the climactic scene in the season finale of True Blood. Bill's love for Sookie gets him to brave the deadly sun to save her, but the sun's too strong and he falls a little short. Sam turns into a dog and gets Rene briefly off of Sookie - but Sam's almost kicked to death as a dog and then Sam. And Sookie, choked out by Rene, comes to, and kills Rene with a shovel. It was a powerful, satisfying scene, with a vampire and a shape-shifting dog to Sookie's rescue - but she's the one who ultimately saves herself.

I also liked Bill surviving - after Sam puts his sun-burned-with-a-vengence body in the ground - and Bill's first feeding on Lafayette made sense. (I predict he's still alive.)

I'm still not happy, though, with Rene being the killer. Sookie later explains that he was able to shut off part of his mind to her. That's a little too convenient.

But Bill being saddled with the rebellious vampire he made is a good touch, and I'm liking if not understanding whatever's going on with Tara and her protector - who also has some connection to Sam.

I'm looking forward to next summer, and will likely read the books by then. If I don't, it's only because I'm watching too much television (and writing a couple of books myself).

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