Friday, November 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton Should Be Obama's Secretary of State

I hope Barack Obama asks Hillary Clinton to join his cabinet as Secretary of State, and she accepts.

There are lots of people with excellent foreign policy credentials, who have been loyal and vigorous supporters of Obama, who would make fine Secretaries of State. John Kerry and Bill Richardson are certainly at the top of this list.

Hillary Clinton, of course, vigorously opposed Obama in the Democratic primaries.

But because of the race she ran, and the 18 million votes she attracted, Hillary Clinton has something which no other possible Secretary of State has - she was a major part of the revolution in American democracy that elected Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Indeed, the only two people who are more a part of this revolution than Hillary, who are more its leaders, would be Obama and Biden. And, in terms of the results of the primaries, the millions of people Hillary Clinton inspired, she is arguable more important to this revolution than even Biden.

Hillary Clinton therefore deserves to be part of the leading edge of Obama's administration, if she wants that. Secretary of State is the most important position in the Cabinet. Her participation in Obama's administration at such an prominent and distinguished level would further cement the Democratic revolution that Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton, more than any other three people, made possible.
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